A brilliant opportunity for Bruce County

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Dear Editor,

I am very encouraged to see the increased level of interest in the prospect of having a permanent nuclear waste site in South Bruce.  It was recently reported that about 200 people showed up for the March 5th meeting of the Community Liason committee meeting in Mildmay.

Just a few short months ago in November, I was one of only about six South Bruce residents who showed up at a similar meeting in Teeswater.  Since there are now only two Ontario communities in the running to host the Deep Geologic Repository for spent nuclear fuel, it seems more likely and more feasible that South Bruce could be the eventual site chosen for this project, and I think it’s great that South Bruce residents have started to take an interest.

For many years now, the people of Ontario have benefited from the production of nearly a third of our electricity from the Bruce Nuclear site.  Meanwhile, we residents of Bruce County have benefited from a strong economy and the presence of many good, high-tech jobs brought about by the nuclear power industry.  This massive, local source of power has helped to heat our homes, light our cities, and power our schools and hospitals, while keeping our air clean to breathe.  Do you recall the days of the Bruce A shut-down, when the province turned to coal fire to generate electricity?  During the summer of 2007, we endured no less than 22 smog days, due in large part to pollution from coal-fired generating stations.  Thankfully, Bruce A is now back at full capacity, and with the addition of wind power, we no longer need to burn coal to power our province.

Through all the history of nuclear power in Ontario, the issue of permanent safe storage of our nuclear waste has been an outstanding issue, but now, the residents of Bruce County have a brilliant opportunity to solve the problem.  Nuclear waste is a serious issue, and it’s great to see people taking an interest and becoming more informed.  Of course we need to protect our land, and the safety of our water supply for future generations, and we will.  By using the best modern science and technology, we, the people of Bruce County can safeguard our land and our community.  We can also safely, responsibly permanently store our nuclear waste, so it is not a threat to future generations.

I’d like to encourage my fellow residents and land-owners Bruce County to be part of the solution, and support the DGR in South Bruce.

Tony Zettel
RR5 Mildmay ON

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