Other Countries

Deep Geological Repositories are the world’s scientifically-accepted method for long-term storage of used nuclear fuel. Many countries which have benefitted from nuclear power for decades are progressing plans for DGRs.


In Finland, used fuel from the nuclear power plants of Teollisuuden Voima and Fortum will be packed in copper canisters and embedded in Olkiluoto bedrock at a depth of 400-450 metres.

Learn more about Finland’s long-term plan.

Sweden has plans to bury its used nuclear fuel in 1.9 billion-year-old bedrock at Forsmark.

Learn more about Sweden’s plan.

France began researching ways to safely manage its nuclear fuel in 1991, finally deciding in 2006 that a DGR was the most scientifically-sound method.

Learn more about France’s Industrial Centre for Geological Disposal.

The United Kingdom has plans to build a Geological Disposal Facility and is currently undergoing a site selection process, similar to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

Learn more about the UK’s process here.

Switzerland has plans to build two underground depositories, one for high-level used  fuel  and the other for low-level.

Learn more about Switzerland’s plan.

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