Who’s grooming young minds?

Original post via Lucknow Sentinel.

In reading Rita’s letter she suggests that some of the elementary schools in South Bruce are subjecting their students to propaganda from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization. I would like to note that I have seen many that are opposed to the NWMO and the DGR at protests and parades that have brought along their young children wearing yellow t-shirts or the publicly displayed yellow signs and yet she accuses them of openly trying to groom our young children.

Children should have the opportunity to learn about what the NWMO do as well as the deep geological repository. Parents can ask to have their children removed from the class during the presentation if they don’t want them to be included – that is their choice. Why should we deny all the students a chance to learn and ask questions because it is something she is so openly opposed to. This is after all their future too.

I’m happy to think that my grandchildren would have an opportunity in school to learn about the different sides of an issue in hopes that they will develop into knowledgeable and open-minded adults. Education shouldn’t be limited by someone’s inability to see we can all look at the same thing and see something different.

Pete Colwill
South Bruce

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