NWMO signs more land agreements in South Bruce

Original post via Toronto Star.

SOUTH BRUCE – The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has announced the procurement of 200 additional acres of land, north of Teeswater, bringing the total to 1,500 acres.

It was announced earlier this year that the NWMO had signed agreements with landowners in South Bruce for 1,300 acres. Since then, the NWMO has secured just over 1,500 acres north of Teeswater.

The agreements include a combination of option and purchase arrangements that allow the NWMO to conduct studies while allowing landowners to continue using the land.

A press release from the NWMO stated that a plan was in the works to develop a program to compensate property owners if property values are adversely affected by the project. This property value protection program will be developed as part of a series of well-being studies that the NWMO plans to complete with the involvement of the community in 2021.

“We are committed to implementing the project in a manner that protects people and the environment, and makes a positive contribution to the agricultural and the quality of life in the community,” Becky Smith, regional communications manager for the NWMO, said in an email.

“This is an important milestone in South Bruce and an expression of confidence in the project. We are thankful for the continued interest in our land access process, and know there is much more to do as we work toward assessing the potential suitability of the site,” said Dr. Mahrez Ben Belfadhel, vice-president of site selection at the NWMO.

“The plans announced today recognize and address concerns which have been raised in the South Bruce community,” said South Bruce Mayor Robert Buckle.

“I appreciate that the NWMO is demonstrating that they are working with the residents through this process.”

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