CNSC staff speaks about radiation, health at South Bruce CLC

The CNSC staff members began with an overview of their respective roles, and highlighted their mandate to “regulate the use of nuclear energy and materials, implement Canada’s international commitments on peaceful use of nuclear energy, and disseminate objective, scientific, technical and, regulatory information.”

It’s time for the residents of South Bruce to get real

The anti-DGR group happily sneers at any industry that isn’t agriculture – like power generation, industrial laundry, or mining – on their heavily-moderated Facebook page, without acknowledging how intimately interwoven seemingly-separate industries really are.

There is no ‘us and them’ – only ‘us’ says reader

When it comes to the proposed Deep Geological Repository in South Bruce, emotions tend to run high, and one can easily fall into the trap of choosing sides, and seeing “our side” as “good”, and “the other guys” as wrong or bad.