Willingness study results presented to South Bruce CLC

A total of 230 individuals participated in the process through one or more of the engagement activities. Participants had a range of ideas on how willingness could be measured, with the majority preferring a public referendum as fair, anonymous and clear.

Time to be thankful

If it can be done safely, the NWMO will be ready to break ground in 2033, bringing hundreds more high-paying, high-tech jobs to our community, just as the Bruce refurbishment is winding down.

Olympics and the DGR

In South Bruce we have the opportunity to do something great for Canada – permanently store Canada’s nuclear waste, using the latest science and technology.

Where is the accountability for anti-nuclear lies?

We are seeing time and time again this radical opposition group taking the smallest detail of this project and spinning it every which way imaginable in order to instill doubt within the community.