Borehole drilling underway in South Bruce

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The Nuclear Waste Management Organization are in the process of doing borehole drilling as part of their DGR site selection process

In a news release, the NWMO will be conducting testing at a couple of sites in Teeswater in the spring 2021, one on Lot 23 and another on Lots 28/29 both on Concession 8.

They say they also plan on doing more field activities such as installing microseismic monitoring stations and shallow groundwater monitoring wells, and conducting geophysical studies in the new year.

Manager of Site Services Geoff Crann says the drilling schedule will allow time to continue engagement with local municipal and Indigenous communities on field activities, and to undertake preparatory work in advance of drilling.

NWMO says they will continue to have engagement activities in the area through virtual and physically-distant in-person open houses, webinars and the Learn More Centre to ensure residents have lots of opportunities to learn more about the project.

The NWMO is proposing building a deep geological repository for the storage of used nuclear fuel either in South Bruce or in Ignace in Northern Ontario.

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